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Question: Explain the concept of parliamentary supremacy how it became such an important principle of the UK constitution.

What limitations are there to Parliament’s legislative authority? Mark 80%

Answer: Lord Bingham’s account of parliamentary supremacy in Jackson v Attorney General [2005] remains an accurate description of the British constitution: parliamentary legislation is the supreme source of law in the UK. This essay will first consider what parliamentary supremacy is and how it became such an important principle of the UK constitution. It will then assess certain challenges to Parliament’s legislative authority and the ways in which these limitations conversely exemplify parliamentary supremacy. Although the doctrine of parliamentary supremacy has evolved and qualified since 1911, the fundamental truth remains that any purported reduction in parliaments legal authority only occurs where Parliament itself endorses said reduction: a decision to cede authority is itself an expres......(short extract)

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Details: - Mark: 80% | Course: Public Law | Year: 1st | Words: 1144 | References: No | Date written: November, 2016 | Date submitted: April 19, 2017 | Coursework ID: 1019

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