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Question: “Sometimes I worry that I’m not doing any good for society, just doing a job like I’m doing. But…, you know, it is only a job at the end of the day” – solicitor cited by Duff, Shiner, Boon & Whyte, Entry Into the Legal Professions: The Law Society Cohort Study Year Six (London, Law Society, 2000).

Drawing on knowledge and experience you have acquired on LSP2 and elsewhere, discuss this statement in the light of your understanding of lawyers’ ethics and ‘professionalism’.

Answer: The view submitted in the title is a worrying one. If one takes this view at face value, namely in regard to the professionalism of lawyers and the ethical consciences they possess, it leaves much to be desired. From a preliminary reading of this particular solicitor’s view one can immediately pick up a vibe from the extract that is inherently not professional or ethical in any shape or form. An examination of what lawyers’ ethics and professionalism are will clarify this point. At the point when one becomes a practicing lawyer he or she becomes a member of the legal profession, this automatically imposes upon the individual the requirement to adhere to the duties of the profession. Professions are very much functional components of society, they aim to serve society as a whole an......(short extract)

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Details: - Mark: 69% | Course: Legal Practice Course | Year: Graduate | Words: 1571 | References: Yes | Date written: November, 2005 | Date submitted: October 20, 2008 | Coursework ID: 155

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