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Question: Assess Rawl’s critique of utilitarianism and the theory of justice he proposes as an alternative.

Answer: John Rawls in his book ‘A Theory of Justice’ proposes an alternative to utilitarianism as a measure of justice in the modern world. He concentrates on identifying the individual and certain rights that any political and legal system must preserve. These rights which he terms them as ‘the equal maximum liberty principle’ cannot be sacrificed to the benefit of the welfare of the society. He points out that whereas utilitarianism would legitimise inequalities, this can only be where everyone enjoys some degree of improvement in his condition. Utilitarianism concentrates on an object of the common good, which is total welfare. Rawls defines benefits in terms of a number of ‘primary goods’, that are the object of the people. He places emphasis on freedom of the individual an......(short extract)

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