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Question: “The Human Rights Act is not fit for purpose: it has been a complete failure, and needs to be replaced by a British Bill of Rights” – Discuss.

Mark 2.1 Year 1 LLB

Answer: The United Kingdom has always been anomalous amongst civilised democracies in lacking a written constitution. Unlike countries such as America and all major European countries, prior to the Human Rights Act of 1998 there were no statutory rights in place to protect the British citizenry from oppression by the state. When contrasting the current Human Rights Act with a potential British Bill of Rights, it is of primary importance to outline the core differences between the two. With the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, commonly referred to as the European Convention on Human Rights (‘the Convention’), being partially incorporated into the British legal system, there is still no constitutional protection at a state level, the protection of the citiz......(short extract)

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Human Rights Law | Year: 1st | Words: 2848 | References: Yes | Date written: March, 2017 | Date submitted: May 08, 2017 | Coursework ID: 1024

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