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Question: Illegality in contracts where contracts are unenforceable due to the fact that they are deemed to involve illegality or are contrary to public policy.

Answer: There are two main types of illegal contracts; firstly there are contracts where the agreement itself is prohibited by statute as it amounts to a criminal offence. Secondly there are contracts that become illegal because of the way they are performed as highlighted in the case of Hughes v Asset Managers plc . The main categories of illegality are: Contracts to commit a crime or to benefit from a crime, this is always illegal and the making of such a contract will be a criminal act and therefore should be avoided. An example of such a contract can be an agreement to commit a crime such as theft or murder. If Shreen asks Farzana to kill Aqsa for £10000 and Farzana agrees, then this agreement would be legally binding in the form of offer, acceptance, consideration, intention and capacit......(short extract)

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