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Question: Aquafun Co is looking to purchase a new swimming pool complex to expand its operations into South West England. After a long search, a complex built in 1970, owned by Waterplanet, is found. Aquafun is particularly anxious that the council has no plans to develop or purchase the land adjoining the complex, and Waterplanet assures Aquafun that the council has no such plans. Aquafun hires a private inspector to examine the premises and the inspector finds no problems.

After the property is purchased, the city building inspector sees that the water pipes are completely rusted and will have to be replaced. Waterplanet was aware of this. Aquafun also learns that the council has plans to develop a waste treatment plant in the land adjoining the complex, and that Waterplanet was aware of these plans.

Advise Aquafun.

Contract Law (72%) - Misrepresentation and Terms Problem Essay (1st year LLB)

Answer: Introduction The problem that is posed is clearly a discussion relating to the law of misrepresentation & non-disclosure and terms. The claimant, Aquafun, may direct potential claims towards Waterplanet and the Private Inspector. With regards to Waterplanet, there are two prominent issues that must be addressed with regards to a claim of misrepresentation. The first issue that must be addressed is whether Waterplanet is liable for misrepresentation for making an assurance that the council had no plans for the adjoining property. The second issue is whether Waterplanet is under a duty of care to disclose information about the waterpipes. Moreover, it will then have to be established whether the Private Inspector will be liable for breach of contract, arising from him not performing his du......(short extract)

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Contract Law | Year: 1st | Words: 3100 | References: Yes | Date written: February, 2017 | Date submitted: March 27, 2017 | Coursework ID: 1008

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