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Question: Do you agree with Raz that the key to understanding law lies in understanding authority and, given that, Dworkin’s theory and the soft positivism of Hart’s Postscript must fail?

Answer: Raz believes that any theory of law needs to account for the phenomenon of authority. If it cannot account for the authority of law, then according to Raz it is not a...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Jurisprudence | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2460 | References: No | Date written: Not available | Date submitted: April 05, 2011 | Coursework ID: 670

Question: Critically assess the validity of Dworkin’s criticisms towards positivism and whether natural law theory may itself be disputed.

Answer: This directs attention towards the fictional judge developed by Dworkin, Hercules J. He is a judge with superhuman skill, learning, patience and acumen used to illustrate an idealistic process, fundamentally essential to...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Jurisprudence | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2644 | References: Yes | Date written: January, 2010 | Date submitted: February 15, 2011 | Coursework ID: 647

Question: What are the major sources of United Kingdom law?

Answer: European Law, Parliamentary legislation, Common law and ancient custom together represent the major sources of United Kingdom law. Dating from the UK’s entry into the European Economic Community in 1973, it has...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: English Legal System | Year: 1st | Words: 1557 | References: No | Date written: November, 2009 | Date submitted: December 28, 2010 | Coursework ID: 627

Question: LLB European Union Law 3rd Year - Assess the role of the Maastricht treaty in the development of the European Community.

Answer: The Maastricht treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union, (TEU)) was signed on 7 February 1992 by all member states of the European Community in Maastricht the Netherlands. Upon coming into force...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: European Union Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 1546 | References: No | Date written: January, 2010 | Date submitted: June 25, 2010 | Coursework ID: 609

Question: “The UK case law has failed to provide coherent guidance for dealing with tax avoidance. The House of Lords has admitted that all attempts at clarification have only raised fresh doubts and further appeals…Under the guise of purposive statutory interpretation the courts are making distinctions based not on the wording of the statute in context, but on external, policy considerations. The judicial approach requires a proper framework, which could be provided by layered legislation, including a principle-based GAAR.”

[Judith Freedman, ‘Interpreting Tax Statutes: Tax Avoidance and the Intention of Parliament’ (2007) LQR 53, 90]


Answer: “The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries any reward.” John Maynard Keynes. I. Introduction Avoiding tax liabilities is a common goal shared amongst many taxpayers; and the...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Commercial Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2352 | References: Yes | Date written: March, 2008 | Date submitted: April 20, 2009 | Coursework ID: 492

Question: The main object of damages for breach of contract is to put the plaintiff 'so far as money can do it … in the same situation … as if the contract had been performed' (Robinson v Harman (1848)).

Explain how this principle operates in practice, and discuss any exceptions that there may be to it.

Answer: The general principle of contractual damages is as stated in Robinson v Harman, and is in contrast to the position in tort, where the approach is normally to put the plaintiff in...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Contract Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 1534 | References: No | Date written: November, 1998 | Date submitted: November 30, 2009 | Coursework ID: 533


Khalil has decided to purchase a brand new car for, .Sobia, on the basis that she spends five hours studying a day on her A'level examinations. Khalil has entered into a contract
the garage so that he can collect the car the day before Sobia's birthday.

He arranged for the car to to be registered in Sobia's name and the free insurance which was offered with the car has also been registered for the benefit of Sobia. The car was not ready to collect on the agreed date.

Khalil has gone on holiday and Sobia, who has still not received the car, is attempting to enforce the contract on her own behalf. Can she do this?

Prepare a report a report for the attention of the senior legal adviser stating the results of your research and the advice that you intend to give. The report should focus particularly on consideration, privity (including the effect of recent legislation) and intention.

Gemma is 16, and is an ice skater and has signed a contract with a company that organises dance shows and performances on ice. This will involve her travelling to various parts of the world on tour. She will be paid a reasonable amount and the contract stated that she will be supervised at all times by a supervisor and not allowed to socialise outside the dance group.

Gemma's mother, Margaret has called in for advice. She wants to know whether this contract is enforceable.

Also, Margaret's husband Matthew, is recovery from a nervous breakdown. Is he free to enter into any contract without restrictions?

Answer: Terms of reference: Below I have compiled a report stating the results and advice that I intend to give to Sobia on her current circumstance. Particularly focusing on consideration, privity and intention....

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Contract Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2285 | References: Yes | Date written: January, 2008 | Date submitted: April 18, 2009 | Coursework ID: 472


Nazia is a student at Bradford College. Recently she bought an alarm clock from Price Right Stores. It cost twenty pounds but was not supplied with batteries. She uses it for several months without any problems.

Nazia booked a holiday to Turkey and set the alarm to go off at 5 a.m. on the day of departure. The alarm doesn't work and she oversleeps by several hours. She ends up missing the flight and having to pay for another flight in order to reach her destination.

She also bought a beaded evening bag from Price Right Stores for use at the Bradford College Ball. She is embarrassed when some of the beads fall off during the evening and the handle breaks.

Write a letter to Nazia advising her of her rights and remedies in respect of
Price Right Stores.

Answer: TASK 1: I am writing to you in regards to your inquiries regarding the alarm clock and the beaded bag from price right stores. From the information provided it is clear that...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Contract Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 3949 | References: Yes | Date written: March, 2008 | Date submitted: April 18, 2009 | Coursework ID: 469

Question: McKendrick comments that, despite the enactment of the Minors' Contracts Act 1987, 'the rules of law remain in need of further rationalisation in an effort to provide a better balance between, on the one hand, the protection of minors and, on the other hand, the interests of those who deal in all good faith with them' (Contract Law.) Do you agree?

Answer: English law adopts a protective approach to the question of minors\\\' contracts (a ‘minor\\\' being any person under the age of 18). Those under the age of 18 are thought to need...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Contract Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 1384 | References: No | Date written: Not available | Date submitted: March 19, 2009 | Coursework ID: 459

Question: Case Study Vivien and Cyril have five children billy aged 13, the son of Vivien’s first husband and a convicted armed robber, twins Sam and Sue, who are 9 and severely dyslexic, bobby who is 6, who is slow and withdrawn and phoebe, their 13 month old baby. Billy is always getting into trouble and has already had a number of informal cautions from the police. Sam and Sue have been statemented under the Education Acts but little has been done for them in a poor school on a OFSTED Warning List. Bobby has failed to reach his developmental milestones and the Health Visitor who has seen him as well as the baby is so worried about all the family that he has told Social Services that a Child Protection Conference should be convened. Who should be present at the Conference and what issues arising from the Children Act 1989 should be considered? What are Vivien and Cyril’s ‘rights’ under the Act?

Answer: It would appear that there are a number of complex and significant difficulties evident within the family, ranging from the offending behaviour of Billy for whom presumably Cyril does not have parental...

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Details: - Mark: 72% | Course: Family Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 1770 | References: Yes | Date written: August, 1999 | Date submitted: February 20, 2009 | Coursework ID: 452

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