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Question: CASE-STUDY: Ameerika Singh and Ghori
Ameerika Singh and his wife Ghori have been married for 15 years. They have a son, Televir, who is 8 years old. For the last few years, Ameerika and Ghori have had a number of violent arguments during which Ameerika has often been abusive to Ghori. He has taunted her about her looks and has threatened to leave her at the first opportunity that comes his way. Ghori suspects he is seeing another woman.
One lunch-time, Ameerika returns home to find his lunch has not been prepared. Unconcerned that Ghori has not been feeling well, he starts another argument with her in which he tells her that she is an inadequate wife. Ghori feeling very upset, goes into the kitchen and, whilst she is making Ameerika's tea, puts rat poison into the teapot. On returning to the dining room with Ameerika's lunch and tea she places it before him on the dining-table. Ameerika is not happy with the food and angrily slaps her across the face making her mouth bleed. Seeing that the bleeding was not stopping and that the blood was spoiling the oriental carpet, he decides to take her to the nearest hospital.
Later in the afternoon, whilst both his parents were out, Televir returns home from school. He notices that there is food on the table and thinking that his mum has left this for him, he decides to have his tea. Almost immediately, he begins to feel sick and starts to vomit. An hour later Televir dies.

The next day both Ameerika and Ghori are arrested by the police.

Advise the parties

Answer: To advise Ameerika and Ghori the area of law to be considered is fatal and non fatal offences against the person with reference to common law and statute. Homicide is referred to...

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Details: - Mark: 66% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2710 | References: Yes | Date written: December, 2006 | Date submitted: October 13, 2008 | Coursework ID: 44

Question: The failure of the government to address the issue of consent in the Offences Against the Person Bill is a major omission. The common law is unclear, devoid of principle and riddled with prejudice and inconsistency. Reform of this concept should not be any further delayed.


Answer: The lack of statutory regulation on the issue of consent in relation to assault and battery has left it exposed to much criticism. Although it was hoped that the Offences Against the...

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Details: - Mark: 66% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2690 | References: Yes | Date written: Not available | Date submitted: September 29, 2008 | Coursework ID: 2


Paul and Donna have been married for seven years. The marriage has been in difficulty related to the fact that they have been unable to have children. Donna has developed depression for which she now takes medication. Paul begins having an affair with Jane, who soon becomes pregnant. When Jane is eight months pregnant, Paul comes home and tells Donna that he has been having an affair. He declares that he is leaving her for Jane, ‘who, unlike you, is not a barren, whiny woman’.

Donna is distraught and sits at home, brooding on her fate and forgets to take her medication. Later that night, having found details on Paul’s Facebook page, Donna goes to Jane’s house. She pushes a lighted rag through the door. The house catches fire. Paul dies instantly while Jane is brought to hospital critically ill due to suffocation. She goes into labour and the baby is delivered. Moments later Jane dies. The baby survives on life support for three months before dying.

Discuss the criminal liability of Donna for the deaths and any defences that might apply.

Answer: Introduction After studying the question of Donna’s criminal liability as it relates to the case, I have found her to be guilty of the murder of both Paul and Jane, while guilty...

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 1st | Words: 1404 | References: Yes | Date written: February, 2016 | Date submitted: December 02, 2016 | Coursework ID: 995

Question: ‘The Criminal Cases Review Commission plays a vital role in the criminal justice system.’

Answer: The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) was established under the Criminal Appeal Act 1995, in a time when there was a public crisis of confidence in the criminal justice system. It was...

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 1st | Words: 2000 | References: Yes | Date written: December, 2014 | Date submitted: May 05, 2015 | Coursework ID: 921

Question: Shirley is married to Arnold. One day, Arnold slaps Shirley around the head causing deafness and bruising. A few days later he pushes her against a hot oven causing a burn to her forearm and a cut to her hand. The same night he cuts off a substantial portion of her hair following an argument. The following week Arnold says that unless Shirley can get him £1000, the sum of money he owes to Cliff, he will break both her legs. The violence has worn down Shirley’s resistance. She becomes depressed, anxious and fearful. Hardly aware of what she is doing, and experiencing intermittent spells of dizziness for which she takes medication, Shirley goes to a designer shop and grabs several expensive leather handbags from an assistant which she sells to passers-by outside a market in another part of town. She receives only £600 and knows that Arnold will be extremely angry that she has not found the full £1000. She therefore decides to borrow some money from the cash till in the shop where she works. Unfortunately, she can only find £100 which she plans to return after the next payday. She is, in fact, owed £200 in unpaid wages. At home she explains her actions to Arnold whereupon he picks up a hot iron. In the belief that this is a threatening gesture, Shirley picks up a knife and slashes Arnold’s forearm many times. He shouts that he was merely going to iron a dress for her to wear that evening.

Discuss which offences may possibly have been committed by Shirley and Arnold.

SOAS, University of London, 1st year LLB Criminal Law

Answer: Shirley All possible offences will be discussed. In the first situation where Shirley leaves the shop without paying, the offence she might have committed is theft. The definition of theft is dishonestly...

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 1st | Words: 2000 | References: Yes | Date written: November, 2012 | Date submitted: April 02, 2014 | Coursework ID: 851

Question: “The doctrine of frustration challenges the validity of the fundamental principle of pacta sunt servanda.” Discuss.

SOAS, University of London, 1st year LLB Criminal Law, OBLIGATIONS I

Answer: Frustration: a hindrance to pacta sunt servanda? The doctrine of frustration and the doctrine of pacta sunt servanda evince two different areas in contract law. Nevertheless, is the doctrine genuinely a menace...

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 1st | Words: 1812 | References: Yes | Date written: March, 2013 | Date submitted: April 02, 2014 | Coursework ID: 850

Question: Critically discuss whether the English criminal law system consistently adheres to the general principle that no one may be convicted without proof of responsibility or fault. Illustrate your answer with references to cases.

Answer: The concept of mens rea has always played a pivotal role in determining criminal liability, as it contends that an act alone is not sufficient to give rise to a crime and...

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 1st | Words: 1525 | References: Yes | Date written: Not available | Date submitted: April 26, 2012 | Coursework ID: 739

You work as a legal adviser at the practice of Chancer and Dodge. There are currently a
number of files on your desk which require your urgent attention.
File 1
Recently, a member of the public, Valerie Reid, sustained personal injuries Whilst
attending Nabbey bank to conduct some business. Whilst on the premises, she tripped
over some cable attached to the computers used by the cashiers. At the time, Jamie
Conway was working on the premises updating the hardware for those computers, hence
the reason for the loose cables. Jamie has worked at various branches of Nabbey for the
past two years. He has paid his own tax and national insurance contributions, and has not
taken any holidays whilst working for the bank.
In your capacity as legal advisor for the bank, write a report covering the following points:
1. An assessment of the employment status of Jamie
2. As to whether the bank bears any liability for the injuries sustained by Valerie

You have been invited to be a guest speaker at nearby Bakefield College. You will be
talking to a group of business students who no prior legal knowledge on various aspects of contracts of employment.
The detail of your brief is as follows :
Prepare brief notes for a presentation covering the following :
i) Summarise the basic principles of law covering the creation of a contract of employment
ii) In relation to obligations affecting employers , identify
a) Those terms which are generally held to be implied
Into a contract of employment
b) The various ways in which both express and implied
Terms can be incorporated into a contract of employment
File 3
Up until 4 months ago, Jason King was on the books of the "Mpower" Employment
agency. Jason worked for this agency over a number of years, carrying out many
assignments for different organisations. Unfortunately, the agency became insolvent, and
Jason had to leave, whilst still being owed money for his last assignment.
Three months ago, Jason started another job, working for Bovan Furniture manufacturers.
However, it was only last week that he received a document Titled "Particulars of Your
Employment". Jason noticed that this statement contained no details of place of work,
notice periods, or holidays
Jason now seeks your advice on a number of points :
i) Was he ever actually an employee at the Mpower agency ? If so, he would be
able to claim redundancy pay.
ii) Has he actually received a contract of employment from Bovan ?
iii) what legal remedy does he have in relation to the missing items on the
document which he has received ?

Answer: FILE 1 Introduction: Below I have compiled a report covering the employment status of Jamie and whether the bank bears any liability for the injuries sustained by Valerie Reid. Findings: The relationship...

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2808 | References: Yes | Date written: October, 2007 | Date submitted: April 18, 2009 | Coursework ID: 477

Question: What improvements, if any, will there be to the present law on consent and on mistaken belief in consent in rape cases as a result of the Sexual Offences Bill 2003?

Answer: Under existing English Criminal law, a person cannot ordinarily be found guilty of a serious criminal offence unless two elements are present: the actus reus or guilty act and the mens rea...

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2521 | References: Yes | Date written: Not available | Date submitted: February 18, 2009 | Coursework ID: 321

Question: ‘The law of causation concerning new intervening acts reveals only one rule; those who do bad things with even worse consequences must expect to pay for them’ – Discuss.

Answer: Causation is one of the fundamental basics to determine criminal liability. It is the minimum condition to assess whether someone is liable for a crime which specifies a consequence and it would...

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Details: - Mark: 65% | Course: Criminal Law | Year: 2nd/3rd | Words: 2551 | References: No | Date written: Not available | Date submitted: February 18, 2009 | Coursework ID: 317

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